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Prevention and vitality are the two main objectives of PREVITAL.


PREVITAL is focused on preventive medicine. Prevention and immune enhancement are essential to Prevital in order to help improve its patients and clients quality of life.

Ever since its foundation, Prevital has been constantly progressing regarding expertise and equipment, which in combination with optimal medical knowledge, constitute the most important guarantee for its present aswell as it’s future progress.

Our new facilities have been established in order to provide a comfortable environment for the practice of all our services.

This has been achieved by creating two departments, one for treatments and one for prevention.

These two departments of PREVITAL are equipped with the latest medical machines.

Moreover, we have created specific areas for the implementation of the treatments, considering the unique character and the personality of each of our patients and clients, providing a special feeling of certainty and safety.

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“It is better to prevent than to heal” (Hippocrates).
Get informed early about everything that happens in your body.


Preventive medicine includes a number of actions aiming at early detection and treatment of pathological conditions that may lead to a disease.

Primary and secondary prevention owe their success to preventive medicine, which has saved numerous human lives. Preventive medicine is separated into the following stages: primary, secondary and tertiary.

Primary prevention deals with the prevention of a disease by controlling the risk factors and it encompasses certain population groups (i.e. a vaccination program) or high-risk groups.

Secondary prevention aims at reducing the symptoms of a disease through early diagnosis and treatment.

Secondary prevention facilitates early diagnosis of early stage diseases such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer, osteoporosis etc.

Tertiary prevention aims at reducing the implications of a disease.


  Α. ΕIS


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Create a natural shield for your body
and give yourself a gift of life.

Before we answer this question, we need to understand what exactly the immune system is.
Immune system is a system of organs and biological mechanisms responsible for its defense.

It consists of various organs and tissues.
The most important of them are bone marrow and thymus gland, where specific cells of the immune system are created and developed. Tonsils, spleen, lymph nodes and Peyer's plates are secondary organs of the immune system.

Moving away from a scientific approach, the immune system deals with the defense of the human body.
Environment, diet and life style habits may influence it.
For instance, lack of sleep, a diet that is poor in vitamins, sedentary life and other factors.
When our immune system is disturbed, it enables various viruses, fungi and bacteria to develop, causing various diseases.

Immune enhancement is a process with which we shield our body in a natural way.

These processes involve thermal therapy, creating artificial fever, in order to awaken our immune system and intravenous therapy, with which various ingredients and vitamins enter our blood circulatory system in order to fill our body's stores with the necessary nutrients.





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Give yourself a powerful immune system
and an energy boost in just a few hours.

Intravenous therapy has been used for many years.
Current needs and demanding life style have created a new type of therapy, by infusing nutrients and refreshing substances into the bloodstream, which we all need on a daily basis in order to feel healthy and well. As a result, this method offers 100% absorption of the elements needed by our body in only a few minutes, as well as effective and continuous action.

This results in rapid healing and rehabilitation without wasting time, which is exactly what modern people need.

Do you want to overcome Jetlag? Do you wish to improve your physical stamina on a hardworking day or a day of excessive entertainment? Do you wish to eliminate hangover symptoms in only a few minutes? Do you want to increase your libido? Do you want to minimize the symptoms of excessive training or a particular disease? Intravenous therapy is the answer to all these questions.

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Special detoxification and activation protocols

After the game and after many trainings, combustion byproducts are accumulated at high rates. Same high rates are required in order to remove and replace these products with new, healthy and beneficial ingredients.

Special protocols for the detoxification and activation of our lymphatic and excretory system are applied providing stressed muscle groups the ability to recover in a short period under optimal conditions for the body.


Intended results

Wholebody hyperthermia is the best and most natural way to achieve the intended recovery after intensive training or a difficult game.

As your body has been stressed to its limits, it suffers from inflammations and minor injuries. The results from the application of increased temperature at every part of and in every depth of your body can be compared to that of a muddy sponge that we wash under a waterfall. It increases blood circulation even at the deepest areas of your body and your muscle groups.

We achieve recovery that may not be achieved in any other way.





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We rely
on the present,
and look
to the future.

Prevital's progress is not by chance.

Steady development is based on optimal medical knowledge, which has contributed to the establishment of techniques for the prevention and treatment of complex health problems thanks to the technology and the evolution of medical science.

The steady way forward is evident of the multiple treatment options, which grow constantly more making us optimistic regarding the treatment and the prevention of conditions and diseases.

Driven by ongoing studies and investing in equipment, we are positive that we will continue to offer the people who honor us with their trust, services that will improve the quality of their lives in Greece and abroad.


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Navarchou Notara 117 Piraeus
6th Floor

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